My name is Vivian J. Worden. I am an Author of Fantasy and Urban Fiction.

I have always wanted to write a book. As a lifelong avid reader and follower of anything that expands the mind. It’s no wonder that eventually all that “useless” knowledge would come in handy.

I grew up listening to Coast to Coast AM Radio. Before everyone had Smart Phones. That radio show introduced a generation of people like myself to a world of spiritual entities, alien monument builders, UFO’s and the like.

I was always excited to share the stories I heard. These stories were given a second life as I would go into story mode and really try to paint a picture of my new found enthusiasm and revelations in the “what ifs” to whomever would listen.

Thanks to my natural ability to draw a person in with detailed description and emotion. This unseen, seldom understood world would soon be transferred in vivid details from my head to whomever I spoke to.

I wasn’t a believer trying to recruit someone to my cause. I embraced my new found identity as a self anointed transmitter, story teller and supernatural bridge that was proud to carry on the tradition our ancestors started years ago around a fire.

To be released later this year. An Original Novel

Book One is titled,  The Embers of Artemis, by Vivian Worden. This is a work of fiction that blends sci-fi, horror, a dash of macabre, with the usual underlying complexities of relationships and emotions.

Release details coming soon