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The battle of life is, in most cases fought uphill; and to win it without a struggle is to perhaps to win without honor. If there were no difficulties there would be no success; if there were nothing to struggle for there would be nothing achieved. 

Samuel Smiles

Have you personally searched for ways to live a more enriched life? A life that excites you. Filled with opportunities and activities that make you look forward to living and not just thriving.

Maybe your one who has a passion you “ought” to be doing , but you lack focus or insight on what direction to take on the path of self discovery.

You could also be that individual who never got the opportunity early on to be in environments that would allow your interests and talents to take shape. You might think it’s too late to reinvent, or cultivate anything meaningful.

Your path to personal development and growth is one of the biggest and most fulfilling tasks you can take upon yourself. Today’s road is saturated with information that can have your head spinning in confusion and complication leading to indecision.

You may have invested in different programs from various gurus and you’re still not where you want to be.

Time spent  listening to self help and motivational tapes that either underwhelm with useless information or overwhelm with spiritual references and feel good stories?

I am all for a spiritual connection to life and I believe in the power of storytelling.  I just deliver it a way that is relevant and it makes sense. 

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed by challenges in your life. Maybe it’s time to look at Life through a Warrior’s Eyes.

Each of us are given our own set of challenges in our theater of Life. Challenges are sometimes unfair and necessary. Some we grow from and some we let defeat us. The tapestry of our lives is interwoven with the threads of comfort or confrontation when faced with the chance to evolve. Daily, hourly we are faced with a multitude of opportunities to become better spouses, live a healthier lifestyle, become better citizens  or map out a better future for ourselves.

How often do most of us choose to submit to comfort ?

We make our excuses to not reach, to not stretch ourselves just that little bit in order to grow. We have lost the desire, or maybe early on that passion of spirit was not allowed to flourish, maybe even suppressed or taken away. Dreams came so easy as children, now that we are older we accept less than what we deserve because we think we know better.

We stop dreaming for better days and better ways, complacency slowly takes over our realm. All our lives we have “worked” afraid to ask ” Is that all there is?” When we stop setting goals for ourselves, our lives stop growing. We become stagnant and toxic. Life has lost that certain “sweetness”.

  • Ideas and dreams that will never see reality.
  • Missed opportunities that you don’t see because you stopped looking for them.
  • The laughter, sparkle and good times in you and your loved loved ones lives clouded by words not spoken and or the wrong words spoken too often.

We feel this on a deeper level within our subconscious and spirit. Our physical bodies soon show the pain that is kept locked away inside. We lack energy and clarity, sometimes disease sets in.

One day a voice starts. Very small at first eventually increasing in volume. It’s a call to “Remember”. 

When this happens to us we either act one of three ways.

  • Freeze – Do nothing, bury the emotions of pain, disappointment and resentment. This is usually ACT  1 for most of us. Many stay in this state far too long. It is necessary to move through the actual shock rather than re live it.
  • Flight – Some of us might seek Medication to “Calm” us when  we hear an alarm going off that tells we are headed in the wrong direction.
  • Fight – To confront lies and false beliefs about ourselves, we must enlist the unity of heart and mind to awaken the soul and remember who we really are. Devise a plan and conquer the weight baring upon us at the time.

Some spiritual teachings have suggested that we should tone down the intensity, change our outlook first. Perhaps our own militant attitude brings the fight to our doorstep. That may or may not be so, I tend to lean on the FACT that challenges do indeed come to us all and it takes a certain mindset to overcome. You see it in the Animal Kingdom, Plant Kingdom and even at the Bacterial level. Within their world it is also unfair, violent, at times unexpected, sometimes downright frightening and yet their lives are still unparalleled in its fragile beauty.

I believe wholeheartedly.:

 The fight will come to all of us eventually. It is silly to think it will not. No one is immune from their adversary. For it is the Villain, that gives birth to the Hero.

Being the Hero is not easy, some choose this path, sometimes the path chooses us. We face days where we have more than our share on our plate. From the nurse or firemen who work long hours to serve with compassion. To the kid who has been in and out of foster homes, mature beyond his years, still dreaming of a better tomorrow.

How has your life been up to this moment? Are you avoiding or shrinking from the opportunity to  evolve ?

  • Do you avoid challenging things like diets, fitness and continuing education?
  • Do any have any past trauma that you are working through that has pre paralyzed you in some way?
  • Do you feel so down, broke and disgusted, you wouldn’t know where to begin?

I help people get progress and get beyond obstacles. With The Warriors Touch. 

The Warrior operates on a certain level of maturity, intensity and edge. It’s a on that level we hone in to the goal and make that a reality. It doesn’t have to complicated. It’s about Overcoming and Evolution. Enjoy My Blog and get dialed in on some Reality Based Wisdom and Old World Mysticism.

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Vivian Worden – The Spartan Survival Guide